All you need to have to board that international flight for your vacation is a valid passport, right? Not so fast. The rules around passports, and other entry requirements, when you visit foreign destinations aren’t quite so straightforward. Educating my clients’ about what they need to do passport-wise is a core part of my duty […]

It’s every vacationer’s worst nightmare: You’re three weeks out from the getaway you’ve been dreaming of for months … but then something happens. You have to cancel your trip. And since you’re so close to departure, you don’t get a refund. You lose everything. This isn’t just a nightmare scenario—this is exactly what happened to […]

Some vacationers pick their all-inclusive resort based on location, number of dining options, or how much (or how little) of a “party” vibe a property has. But I often begin my resort research for a travel client with a different question: Are you a “beach” person or a “pool” person? While many resorts boast fabulous […]

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